Yoni kisses. Part 1

Aug. 31st, 2015
Models: Sindy Black, Ariel

Our little Ariel is in the reliable hands of Sindy Black. Sindy is very happy to take care of this petit angel today. She’s trying to get her to reveal her wishes and fantasies.

Sindy Black starts to gently massage Ariel: she’s touching her back, her shoulders and her beautiful hips. 

02.46 - Sindy asks Ariel to turn. She wants to see her breasts now. She wants to kiss them. 03.55 - Sindy Black is kissing shy Ariel's neck. She’s going lower and lower kissing every inch of this purest of angels. 06.16 - the first yoni kiss. This is where Ariel yoni story really begins. The story is long and full of excitement and obviously finishes with a wonderful “happy ending".

Sindy Black is licking, kissing and eating Ariel’s beautiful little angel pussy. It looks charming.

13.32 - suddenly, a hand appears......



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