Weekend with Paula Shy

Jul. 27th, 2015
Models: Paula Shy, Kiki

When I remember the weekend with Paula Shy a big smile appears on my face and I lapse into sweet memories…

She’s the sweetest girl on the Earth. And she has the sweetest pussy. It reminds me of strawberry macaron: the same shape and taste.

05:24 - I started tasting this delicious cookie. Oh gosh, her beautiful tender reaction made me so excited that I wanted to just eat her completely. I was licking her with attention and hunger I was devouring her sex: touching gently her soft clitoris, playing with her lips and putting my finger inside her yoni.

08:53 - position “69”. She was kissing and sucking my pussy and she was doing it so well. It’s a blessing to have Paula Shy between legs. Her  long wet tongue was moving inside my yoni making it full of juice… Her delightful kisses made me and my pussy very happy.

13:41 - Paula Shy went into doggy style and she improved this position by coming to lick me. Then suddenly,  enter the Mystery Guy… 

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