Three colors

Sep. 14th, 2015
Models: Leila, Eileen Sue, Silvie Luca

When I feel bad I watch our movies where girls are kissing each other. This is the best cure for my mood. And this kind of video is a panacea for melancholy! And these three beauties are the best doctors.

Eileen Sue is on the left side, Leila is on the right side and Silvie Luca is in the middle. Little Leila is putting her hand to the Silvie’s pussy. Eileen Sue is kissing Silvie, her breast, her nipples, sucking her finger… These two lionesses are taking care of their baby pretty skilfully.

Then their baby lays down and the girls continue the pleasure game…


Well, I have to admit that looking at “pussy kissing” can heal anybody.

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