The vow. Part 2. Version 2

Jul. 28th, 2015
Models: Emily, Kiki

My dear friends!
According to your requests I've done the second version of "The vow. Part 2" with less music. Enjoy!

Emily has laid down on the table. She’s relaxed, a little bit stressed and waiting for unexpected things. He’s arrived. Emily feels his hands on her stunning white body. She’s becoming open and wet. He’s touching her asshole. He’s cherishing her asshole and gently fingering her excited pussy. He goes stronger…

Second part - I couldn’t stand it and I came to her. I wanted to taste her, to feel for myself  between her gorgeous legs…and make her moan......

P.S. Emily's resting heart rate: 56. Heart when orgasm: 121. Pleasure scale: 2.16.

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