The vow. Part 1

Jul. 3rd, 2015
Model: Emily

Emily has laid down on the table. She’s relaxed, a little bit stressed and waiting for unexpected things. He’s arrived. Emily feels his hands on her stunning white body. She’s becoming open and wet. 03.32 - he’s touching her asshole. 04.11 - he’s cherishing her asshole and gently fingering her excited pussy. He goes stronger…

06.40 - he’s putting his fingers inside. He’s literally fucking her with his fingers. With both passion and some considerable pleasure. 

Second part - I couldn’t stand it and I came to her. I wanted to taste her, to feel for myself  between her gorgeous legs…and make her moan......

P.S. Emily's resting heart rate: 56. Heart when orgasm: 121. Pleasure scale: 2.16.


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