Pigtail. Part 2

Jul. 17th, 2015
Models: Alexis Crystal, Susan Ayn

I feel that this couple has a very special connection. When they are together I can't stop staring at them, waiting for some sexual “surprises”.

Alexis Crystal made a pigtail of Susan Ayn’s hair. She started kissing her from behind, and squeezing her breasts. 01.57 - she’s licking her neck. 02.11 - they french kiss. Gosh, I can watch this sweet prelude for ages…

They’re cherishing each other, taking off their bras and are getting more and more excited by each other. Alexis Crystal takes the role of a leader in this sexy game. She’s telling Susan Ayn what she has to do.

05.00 - Alexis Crystal putting her sensual tongue against and into Susan’s totally nude sweet pink pussy . I hear beautiful moaning from Susan Ayn and smacking of Alexis Crystal’s lips. Oh, This “melody” is a pleasure, in this exquisite Aria of sex.

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