Holidays with Red Fox and Silvie Luca

Jul. 6th, 2015
Models: Red Fox, Silvie Luca

I dedicate my poem to love between two women.

Yes, love my heart has now entered!
I bow at its feet as a child.
With lips all aflame from hot pepper
I cry with a hunger so wild.

Don’t knock me around as a dummy
That boldy crossed blood with plain dirt!
That gave you good care and some honey…
See, I’m not the last crud on earth!

My love has been woven with satin:
And washed with forget-me-nots’ dew,
Dirty bottles, a pearl with fine pattern…
I once threw some stones at it, too.

More than once. Love is truly incredible!
I shall cradle it as my own babe.
Love is drinkable, yea, love is edible,
I shall hide it with God to be safe.

Yes, love me, though I am not worthy!
Fall asleep on my shoulder at night.
I shall no more be hungry and thirsty.
No silk — a brocade all in white!  


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