First Y touch. Version # 2

Jul. 27th, 2015
Model: Ariel

My dear friends!

According to your requests I've done the second version of "First Y touch" with less music. Enjoy!

It was her first erotic video ever…

Ariel…she is just a little girl, one that has just opened her eyes to the big wide world. Basically, she’s only just starting to discover this world from all aspects. Of particular interest to us here at Yonitale was the sex side she had begun to explore with us.

Ariel was a little bit nervous but she motivated herself to lay down and to close her eyes. He was palming Ariel so gently. Neck, shoulders, arms, legs…Her beautiful ass… 04:01 - her (already wet) pussy.

He opens it. Revealing theshiny juice inside. He’s getting over excited. He wants more… Ariel cannot contain her excitement either. 04:27 - her first reaction.

He goes faster… She is getting wetter…

07:24 - He puts a finger inside her shiny pink pussy. He’s going deeper and faster. As shy as she is Ariel can’t remain calm. He increases intensity further…on her seductive little pussy. Until she explodes with some force. Two things are certain. One, she enjoyed that and two, the next time will not be her first, she will know what to expect and will be waiting…

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