First kiss. Part 1

Jun. 29th, 2015
Models: Ariel, Kiki

Finally it has happened! Ariel was very stressed but also curious. I didn’t tell her what I was planning to do. She laid down totally naked and waited for me. I came.

This was a gift of destiny. Beautiful nude Ariel is close to me, waiting for my tender touches, my caress and for the first kiss. 

I’m touching her stunning body: from those cute breasts right down to her gorgeous legs. I line ((((lick??? Cristi))))) my fingers thinking about one of my favourite parts of Ariel… 05.21 - I’m getting there. Ever closer. I feel her every reaction, she’s starting to writhe like a snake. She’s horny and hungry. I’m fingering her more and more. Oh, this is delightful! We have became one, two bodies combined in one flesh. Such a fantastic moment.

In the second part I wanted to give her the first kiss. The first kiss to her lips and to “my favourite part of Ariel”. I kissed her. It was her first kiss with a girl. Then I went down. I was extremely happy to go there. Her pussy was wet and delicious. I couldn’t stop eating her. This is heavenly to lick Ariel’s pussy and to  fully feel her body and emotions at the same time. She was absolutely mine: from toes up to her the deepest fantasies. And one of them was what was happening right now with me....a fantasy realised.

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