Fantasies of Paula Shy

Jun. 17th, 2015
Model: Paula Shy

Paula Shy was alone in the bedroom. She had a number of forbidden fantasies in her mind. She was sharing them with her “red dairy”. All the redder for it was surely blushing;) One time the weirdest, yet most seductive fantasy came true…

It involved a stranger. She had never seen his face but she knew very well his wet long tongue between her legs. Paula Shy was scared by him but strangely enough she had the biggest orgasm with him. She called him “The Mystery Guy”. The Mystery Guy always came knocking without invitation. This time he sat Paula on his face and started eating her juicy pink pussy. She wouldn't dare try to escape. She was afraid but excited at the same time. So....there was Paula Shy sitting on the wild Mystery Guy's face. He was holding her, and with his thumbs gently parted her pussy lips as wide as possible, putting fingers inside both it and her tiny tight asshole. Even though, she was not sure about anal play. His every movement both surprised and made her catch her breath. The most incredible thing was that Paula Shy never quite knew if she would one night feel the Mystery Guy's throbbing dick inside of her.  “Will he do it?" - she was asking herself every time The Mystery Guy appeared in her bedroom. Anticipation the most powerful aphrodisiac of all.....

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