Black and White. Part 2

Sep. 3rd, 2015
Models: Sindy Black, Kortney Y

69… Sindy Black is masturbating  Kortney Y. They’re both very excited.  Sindy feels a very pleasant vibration on her tumid clitoris. She wants to get an orgasm but at the same time she’s playing with the pussy of Kortney Y.

Amazing kiss… These two beauties lay down on each other and kiss each other. Now it is Kortney Y’s turn. Sindy Black  is going down to her little yoni. She touches with her sensual big tongue Kortney’s pussy. She’s licking her like crazy. She’s doing it so well…


The hand of the Mystery Guy is pushing Sindy Black’s head to lick more intensively. He’s dominating Sindy Black from the back. In this “game” everybody gets orgasm (s) ;) Nobody is forgotten…

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