Vinna Reed

She doesn’t speak English… at all!  In the beginning it was quite difficult for us to communicate. As you can imagine, I need to talk to girls to discover their sexual wishes, fantasies and methods they use to reach orgasms.

But you know, very soon I started to understand this gentle girl very well. We didn’t talk. We just listened to our bodies, we looked into each others eyes, and we smelt each other and touched each other. I think this is the best language, base language… 

P.S. Vinna Reed's result on the Pleasure Scale is Water


Vinna Reed

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To please everyone

It was the end of our little trip.

Movie   โ€“   Jan. 29th, 2016
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I believe that a fantasy about you and two girls should be in past. 

Pictures   โ€“   Jun. 7th, 2015
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Sunny angel

This sweet girl has brought sunshine to us. 

Pictures   โ€“   Apr. 23rd, 2015
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