Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia, Santa Maria! If I was a man I would marry you. She is a perfect woman: sweet, gentle, caring, beautiful and seductive. Lucia has very pleasant energy. I feel so confident in her presence. And she was always watching inside me, her eyes piercing my sexual soul. I always felt naked close to her (even though I really was  :)). And her smile... She always spreads her sunshine, as well as her legs, big pleasure smile and sexual energy. It's already a shuddering orgasm just to be close to Santa Lucia.

P.S. Santa Lucia's result on the Pleasure Scale is Air.



Santa Lucia

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Pandora's Box. Part 2

My dear lover,


Movie   โ€“   Jun. 8th, 2015
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Discover the movie

Pandora's box

And now according to the rules of our game you should put this cute toy in your a..s.

Movie   โ€“   Mar. 16th, 2015
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Four Shapes Of Desire

One, two, three and four! I want them more and more! 

Pictures   โ€“   Feb. 26th, 2015
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