Samantha Y

Samantha Y is like a child in a candy shop. Big eyes looking around and hungry lips. When you see her, you know she will eat all what she can reach and make plenty of mistakes. And for sure, she will not listen to your advises. That is the way I felt this beauty first time I saw her.
The Mystery Guy
PS: I gave Samantha Y her first orgasm ever (Y)

Her result on the Pleasure Scale is Air.


Samantha Y

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Interview with Samantha Y

Samantha Y confessed that it was her very first orgasm ever.

Movie   –   Oct. 9th, 2018
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Orgasm Facts:

Pictures   –   Jul. 1st, 2017
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Hot bath

Would you like to relax and take a hot bath with cute Smantha Y?

Pictures   –   Jan. 7th, 2017
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Samantha Y has no doubts that you're going to like her appealing body and the way how she moves. 

Pictures   –   Aug. 20th, 2016
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