Nata Y

Nata Y looks like a virgin angel. I want to tell you that she is an innocent girl. This divine beauty is so special. She’s a little bit shy and curious at the same time. When Nata Y came, first she looked at me with her amazing blue eyes and smiled. She was silent and gentle. Then I introduced her the Mystery Guy. I noticed that this angel got blushed when she saw him…


Nata Y

she's asking for it

Pictures   –   Aug. 8th, 2018
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Sweet couple

Nata Y and Sindy Black is the sweetest couple ever!

Pictures   –   Jan. 5th, 2016
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I was bewitched by the pure beauty of Nata Y. 

Pictures   –   Oct. 17th, 2015
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Nata Y. Naughty student

Pictures   –   Aug. 29th, 2015
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