Hello! My name is Kiki and I want to introduce you to Yonitale! I’m so happy to see you here visiting our new world! This is a world of pleasure. We’re not embarrassed to talk about, to discover and to improve the ways of getting and giving pleasure. So why not join us!

Actually, I’m a nude model who’s created this website (but not alone, I have the help of perfect team!). I’ve always been open minded in terms of sexuality and  all the good things that can make you happy. I’m talking about pleasure. Pure and simple. Yes, I’m talking about it and I’m not blushing, although I am a little flushed just thinking about it. But I don’t feel guilty about it. I just feel good… And what can be better than to be able to get pleasure, to make yourself happy and then  give it to somebody else? It is definitely the most wonderful human gift. We should appreciate it, embrace it and remove all negativity towards it.. Join me, join us and let’s be happy!

P.S. My result on the Pleasure Scale is Air.



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Saga about Ariel. Part 3

This time little Ariel goes further and experiences new things of pleasure.

Movie   –   Apr. 24th, 2017
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Discover the movie

Saga about Ariel. Part 2

This time Ariel experiences pleasure with girls.. 

Movie   –   Apr. 17th, 2017
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polka dots

To you, the Woman within me:

You bore the cross from the hill.

Pictures   –   Apr. 2nd, 2017
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