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This little angel is the real thing. She came along with a big sweet smile and she brought us a lot of sunshine.

Katya Clover told me that she has many mysterious fantasies. But I think this gorgeous gal can be the most beautiful and seductive fantasy of any man. Well... when I'm alone in my bedroom and I want to give myself pleasure I'm thinking about her stunning body and amazing blue eyes and gorgeous sweet pussy... mmm... if there was an essential oil called sex, surely Katya Clover would be the source......maybe she's not just a fantasy for men..


P.S. Katya Clover's result on the Pleasure Scale is Fire.


Katya Clover

Goddesses of passion

“On average, couples have sex 78 times from the time they decide to start trying to the time they get a positive sign on a pregnancy test.”

Pictures   –   May. 26th, 2018
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In the first large-scale empirical study worldwide to link specific practices with orgasm, reported in the Journal of Sex Research in 2006, demographic and sexual history variables were comparatively weakly associated with orgasm.

Pictures   –   Jan. 1st, 2018
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"Come here, baby


Pictures   –   Dec. 6th, 2017
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