Gaga is the eldest of the 2 sisters. As you will see, these 2 sisters are very similar to each other. They have the same way to look at life. They love the same things. They are both super hot. They have the same beautifull eyes, lips, yoni shape. They have very similar pleasure scale. They are multi orgasmic. The Mystery Guy even told me that they have the same vagina shape inside. One difference is when they get an orgasm, one screams more than the other one. Which one?  Enjoy these two beauties!

P.S. Her result on the Pleasure Scale is Water



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Orgasm World Championship

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Movie   –   Sep. 23rd, 2016
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Gaga is a perfect mistress. 

Pictures   –   Jan. 12th, 2016
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Ariel VS Gaga

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Movie   –   Dec. 21st, 2015
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