My juicy little raspberry, my very own sweet "Betty Boop". I love her lips, so wet and tender... all them. I love the curves of her seductive body, like candy, her playful smile filling the dish with sweetness. And I live for her strong sensual reaction to my touches, my playing. Her breathing grew faster, as if begging me to go deeper and deeper. And I did... I love her pleasure. I thrive on it.

P.S. Dakota's result on the Pleasure Scale is Air.



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In reliable hands. Part 2

As you know Dakota are 2 US states in the midwest.

Movie   –   Jan. 13th, 2016
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In reliable hands. Part 1

She is wild but when she understood we were devoted to give her pleasure, she surrendered.

Movie   –   Dec. 30th, 2015
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Red Lipstick

I wish I could kiss those seductive lips… 

Pictures   –   Jan. 31st, 2015
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Prophetic Dream Part 2

Massage on the bed! I love to be on the bed. But not for sleeping :)  

Movie   –   Jan. 26th, 2015
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