Cayla Lyons

She is a little gold haired princess from a Grimm fairy-tale. I love her big blue eyes, her sweet smile and her pleasure. She’s full of a cat’s instincts: when she’s looking at you- she’s waiting for the moment to pounce  on you, like a cat. But don’t be afraid. She would like to play with you. Make you her little play thing. Yes, to play some sexy game.

P.S. Cayla Lyons's result on the Pleasure Scale is Water


Cayla Lyons

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Saga about Vanessa. Part 3

I'm very glad to present you a beautiful story about little shining miracle Vanessa. Enjoy (Y)

Movie   –   Nov. 6th, 2017
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#Toys Perfect combination

3 lionesses together. The blond, the red and the black hair.

Education   –   May. 11th, 2016
How to pleasure her
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What can be better than to give a toy to a girl and to ask her to get an orgasm? 

Movie   –   Apr. 20th, 2016
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