I do remember that day and the moment that I saw her. We didn’t talk much but I was lucky enough to touch her. She has very soft skin and she smells like milk and honey. She is a very gentle and pleasant girl. I know that you have many fantasies about her, but allow me to tell you one of mine.

My fantasy about Caprice is to wake one morning holding her in my arms. Sunshine is cascading down to our sleepy bodies, she’s just in a white t-shirt, I smell her hair. I kiss her shoulder, her neck. I lick her ear. And slowly I put my hand between her legs, higher and higher. I want to wake up her yoni. It’s so warm, delicate, yet dry. In a while… it will soon be warm, delicate and wet… very wet.

Sweet, milk and honey Caprice…



Sweet memories

It happened to me long time ago. 

Pictures   –   Feb. 24th, 2015
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