When I saw her for the first time I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was completely blinded by her beauty and I was left wordless and spellbound by her charisma. Her mysterious cat like look, her cute cherry lips, her porcelain skin… Gosh, she has indeed become a huge inspiration, my crazy muse that came in my bed and made my days even more bright and colourful. My dear Black Cherry, thank you for becoming our “special cherry” in the Yonitale garden. A succulent fruit but not a forbidden one.

P.S. Black Cherry's result on the Pleasure Scale is Air.


Black Cherry

Perfect lunch

Knowing our own bodies can promote our own health and wellbeing

Pictures   –   Nov. 17th, 2018
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Crazy Cherry

In the 1400s, a guide for finding witches considered the clitoris the “devil’s teat,” and any woman with one was a witch.

Pictures   –   Jul. 26th, 2018
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Black Cherry is a marvellous girl who can satisfy everybody. 

Pictures   –   Nov. 3rd, 2016
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Black Cherry looks stunning.

Pictures   –   Oct. 8th, 2016
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