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Ariel is a treasure. She’s an amazing girl you know, the kind of girl from your dreams, from perfect world where it is only ever spring, with endless blossom and dancing near a fire.

I love to work with her. I never know quite how she will behave during the next movie or shoot. It is always a surprise for me. She surprises me often.

Well, I’m sure Ariel will surprise you too with her fantastic essence and unbelievable beauty very soon.. here.. on Yonitale.

P.S. Ariel's result on the Pleasure Scale is Fire.




Who is the best friend of girls? It should be someone with a great potential, very devoted and who’s capable to give them a lot of pleasure.

Pictures   –   Aug. 16th, 2017
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#Licking with Ariel and Pleasure Man

"Oral sex is often regarded as taboo, but most countries do not have laws which ban the practice.

Education   –   Aug. 11th, 2017
How to pleasure her

#Licking with Ariel and Celine Y

"The term cunnilingus is derived from the Neo-Latin words for the vulva (cunnus) and tongue (lingua).

Education   –   Aug. 4th, 2017
How to pleasure her

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