This tiny beauty reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. She’s curious and she likes to try new, unknown things like that heroine. We had a lot of fun and we did many crazy things with Alexis Crystal. And she told me some secrets about her work on other productions. As a famous porn star she knows almost everything about that particular “kitchen” ;) Well, when I asked her to have a real orgasm she was surprised. Alexis confessed that we are the first (and maybe the last) production to ask her to be real. Of course, real, genuine pleasure is our main concept and that it was the fundamental reason that we created Yonitale.

P.S. Alexis Crystal's result on the Pleasure Scale is Fire.


Alexis Crystal

Close-ups with Alexis Crystal

Through our willingness to speak openly

Pictures   –   Nov. 28th, 2018
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James Marion Sims was a young Alabama doctor in the 1840s

Pictures   –   Nov. 6th, 2018
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Interview with a porn star

Alexis confessed to liking anal sex... 

Movie   –   Oct. 16th, 2018
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"Women's orgasm is actually about the men feeling good about their masculinity."

Pictures   –   Oct. 10th, 2018
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