She is a complicated cookie but a hot one. Let's call her a hot cookie for the moment. Oh, she would be angry to know that. I love when she's mad. It makes her even hotter. Sometimes she was a little bit aggressive and so wild. Then I was dreaming about arguing with her, to fight with her, to calm her down; to take off her clothes, push her on the table and shout at her. Then I would slap her badly and open her legs very wide. She might be resisting but when I started kissing her butterfly she would be surrounded by me. So wet and finally silent.

It was in my dreams... In realality we put her on her knees (sometimes reality is even better than our dreams my friends), then... Oh, it was nice to see her naughty smile instead of her angry face. I should admit that punished her a little bit as we gave her even more pleasure than usual. Well it was a sweet punishment for her. The pleasure was so strong that she was begging us to stop... Poor girl:) poor and happy. Wild and satisfied.