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Her first Yonitale Touch

May 28th, 2015 at 12:00
   —   Isabel

Her first Yonitale Touch, her first time fingers  inside, her first orgasm in front of a camera... 


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Let's talk

May 26th, 2015 at 17:00
   —   Sindy Black, Paula Shy, Vanessa, Emily

Many of our members have asked us why our girls have real orgasms (and we can prove it) in our productions. Well, it is pretty simple. We first ask them to answer a short questionnaire about their sexual preferences (maybe we should publish them one day :-)) so that we know what they like the most. Then, we tell them about our concept that at Yonitale we don’t fake but we want to show only real orgasms. Then we put them in a nice and relaxing atmosphere. And we let it go! No scenarii, no change of position for the cameras, no cut sequences, no hours of replaying the same scene, no stop for putting make up on again.

I have been a nude model for some of the world’s best adult sites, so believe me, I know what I am talking about. Most of the female orgasms shown on those sites are staged and they are faked. Imagine someone having to change their position every 5  minutes for 2 hours, which is the typical sequence production time. Do you think the models can have a real orgasm like that? Most cannot and therefore have to fake their orgasm.

 That’s the inconvenient truth… and that is why we are different!

 At Yonitale, what you see is really what happened on the scene. And yes, another point: some people sometimes ask me " why do you care about your models having pleasure? Don’t well faked orgasms provide the same result for viewers?" The answer is straightforward:  because we all know, deep down, that it is hugely more exciting sensually and  emotionally to see a real orgasm than a fake one. And that’s something one cannot simply buy.  So enjoy our authentic orgasms!


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Pleasure scale

May 25th, 2015 at 17:30
   —   Paula Shy, Vanessa, Iness, Ariel

Paula Shy:  Fire,  2.59

Ariel:  Air,  2.01

Vanessa:  Water,  1.76

Iness:  Earth,  1.31

Compare your sexual Pleasure Scale with our models.


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My second tip for a powerful orgasm

May 24th, 2015 at 18:00
   —   Kiki
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Dear friends and lovers,

I'm here to talk about orgasms and to share my knowledge with you! I really want people to pay attention to this type of pleasure. It is so very important for us all. It's a pure happiness, like the guilt free happiness of an innocent child that has no judgment or embarrassment. When a person has an orgasm it is an amazing moment. The moment when everyone is beautiful and completely honest with themselves and with the whole world around. Welcome to Yonitale, to the world of real orgasms, to a world of pure happiness!



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Secret of pleasure number 3

May 22nd, 2015 at 06:00
   —   Ariel
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"The man stimulates Ariel's yoni-pussy with his fingers, goes down on her,kissing and licking her delicious pussy and eventually concentrating on stimulating her clitoris with his tongue,which brings her to an orgasm? at 1:52 to 2:08 edited film time. 
From 2:08 to 2:17 Ariel is laughing and amused by something (she knows that she has just squirted some love juice?),and at 2:16 he starts to finger Ariel's pussy by plunging his finger (or fingers) in and out of it,which causes Ariel to throw back her head in pleasure (and also the beginning of her orgasm? - or another orgasm?) from 2:17 .From 2:46 to 2:59 he uses fast fingering of Ariel's pussy,which sounds juicy and wet. From 2:49 to 2:52,Ariel looks down in the general area of her pussy-yoni and looks shocked to see that her squirting pussy has wet the bed with her love juices. She lays her head back on the bed and continues to enjoy being masturbated to intense pleasure.,and has another glance at the love juice-soaked bed sheet.The movie ends with the letter Y being written on Arie."

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