First time... it sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Yes, it does. And no matter exactly how it was, how it is and how it's going to be. The main thing is the order "first" - the unknown, the moment of secret, the desire to open this secret, the wish and the fear to know it. The Excitement. The surprise. And then...

Wait. I'll tell you about my first time.


-Don't open your eyes! Come, come, wait... And here we are! Surprise! - two seconds ago I was holding his warm soft hand. I followed him. It had to be "a surprise": he rented an apartment for our first night and prepared a dinner. But I was so stressed that I wasn't overly curious about these distractions. For all that, they were very romantic and sweet.  But to be honest I was curious of something far more romantic and sweet. Much much more...

Well... He invited me into the kitchen (yes, my friend, he was a gentleman and didn't invite me into the bedroom first). He prepared some pasta with sausages. We were sitting in front of each other. He was talking and talking, sometimes laughing, then talking again. I didn't listen to him much. I was thinking in that moment:

"Hmm.. This sausage. It is a good comparison. How to take it in the right way? But if it's too big? I saw in some movies how women did it. But can I? I should and I want to. What does it look like?"

He might have noticed the question in my eyes but he was so shy that he didn't show his reaction. Mmm... It made me wonder even more.

"First time, first time... How it's going to be? What kind of feeling will I get? I want to know! Definitely it will be something new, good and even better. I want to know! I’d had so many dreams and fantasies about it, I watched so many movies where I imagined that I was those women or that girl. And now I'm here, there just two steps to the realizeation my wildest fantasies."

Suddenly he proposed that we move to the bedroom (but again my friend, as he was a gentleman, get me into the bed, we sat on the armchairs). Oh, at that moment I would have preferred that he wasn't a gentleman and we went straight to bed! I'm sorry for my rude preferences.

We were in a dark room with little light from a small lamp in the corner. I was excited and amazingly stressed all at once. I saw his puzzled eyes. He was still talking. Then I was watching his small lips, the way how he was moving them. They were wet. I knew what he was going to do with them. Then I was watching his hands. He had big hands. Big and strong. I felt a desire between my legs. My yoni was ready to do things. I crossed my legs and pushed: my yoni was so sensitive. The box of Pandora was waiting to be opened. 

To be continued...