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Dear Girlfriend

August 30th, 2014 at 00:00
   —   Sindy Black, Silvie Luca

I knew that something had happened between these two gorgeous amazons. I had already felt it in the hotel room when I came to pick up them. Sindy Black was fresh from the bathroom. She was stunning and wet after the shower. Silvie Luca was searching for some shoes when suddenly she gave a glance at her amazing reflection, her body draped in a small towel and morning sunshine gently caressing her skin. I saw a wish twinkle in Silvie's eyes. Sindy saw it too. So she smiled. We all were smiling. We all knew... We all knew what's going to happen soon. Very soon.

I didn't give them a scenario, I didn't set any rules. There were no limits. Like in the perfect bed. Like in the perfect sex. I just let them go...


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Pleasure and Pleasures

August 30th, 2014 at 00:00
   —   Kiki

Everyone at least once in their life asks the question: "What does happiness mean to you?"  Or something along these lines. Oh, how many books have been written and read about happiness! But at the end of the day the question remains on our puzzled faces and the answer? The answer is always different or somewhere in the sky, far away.  Never clear, it's something of an abstract anomaly. But I am a human being and I'm made of flesh and blood, I would rather prefer something concrete, substantial if you will. And here is a second question: "What is pleasure for you?"...

Do you feel relief like I do? And there is no puzzle on our face anymore - just  happiness. Got it? :)

Yes, yes, yes! Viva the pleasure, viva pleasures! It can be anything: a nice dinner with friends, new shoes….oh new shoes and holidays on by the seaside, good food and fine wine, gentle touching, a favorite song, a soft kiss, a talented performance in theatre, fantastic sex, success in business and fantastic sex :)

Well, pleasure has nothing to do with embarrassment. And it's ridiculous to suggest that to be happy is  shameful, isn't it?

We do live for pleasure. We do live because of pleasure. And here I want to show you one of the strongest, beautiful, natural and accessible pleasures. Unfortunately, some people misread this pleasure: they underestimate it, don't pay enough attention and sometimes they even judge other people for that.

However, I want to solve this little misunderstanding. And I will do my best to demonstrate this pleasure in the best way, in the most beautiful and seductive way.

Join me, join us on this journey of discovery of the many, and certainly more than 50 shades of the Pleasure.


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